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Born Leamington Spa. Went to school in  London and also attended the Byam Shaw. Studied at Chelsea School of Art; Central School of Arts and  Crafts; Leeds College of Art and Wiener Akademie der bildenden Künste.

My parents fled Vienna at the beginning of the war and met as refugees in England. My early years were spent in emigré circles in north London. I visited family in war-torn Vienna for the first time in 1948, and have revisited the city and the Austrian countryside many times since then. Lived in Vienna 1972-4.



Wiener Akademie, Vienna; Wolfson College, Oxford; York University; Star Gallery, Lewes; Gardner Arts Centre; Atrium Gallery, London; & at venues in Brighton.

Much of my work has been influenced by my experiences, and those of my family, in Austria and England. 

See also my memoir Auntie in England in Wort-Anker Werfen: Ilse Aichinger in England: Görner, Ivanovic & Shindo, Königshausen & Neumann, 2011.

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